Sony Trinitron 19 CRT Monitor - PVM - 20M2MDU

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Sony Trinitron 19 CRT Monitor - PVM - 20M2MDU

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Sony Trinitron 19' CRT Monitor - PVM-20M2MDU

The Sony PVM-20M2MDU is designed specifically for medical applications, the M2MD Series Monitors provide the exceptional clarity and color fidelity required for endoscopy, ultrasound, surgical and laboratory microscopy. The Sony PVM-20M2MDU medical monitor is UL-2601-1 listed, and offer an HR - High Resolution - Trinitron® picture tube, in addition to compatibility with NTSC and PAL color systems. The Sony PVM-20M2MDU design, incorporates knob controls, splash guards and on-screen menus, provides flexibility and easier access to monitor setup.

High Resolution Trinitron picture tube

On-screen menu in five languages

RGB Split Screen - two RGB inputs -

Analog RGB, Y/C and composite video

Auxiliary 8 volt DC output

Splash-proof panels protect against liquids

Front Panel Cover prevents inadvertent operation

Automatic selection of standard color systems: NTSC and PAL

Product Information
Product Name Sony Trinitron 19 CRT Monitor - PVM - 20M2MDU
Manufacturer Sony
Mfg. Catalog # PVM-20M2MDU
Pictures These pictures are for display purposes only
SKU pvm-20m2mdu-monitor

Condition Pre-Owned
Overall Condition Excellent

Additional information

Weight 82 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 22 in


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