Covidien Auto Suture 030423 Endo GIA Universal 45 - 4.8 Straight Green

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Covidien Auto Suture 030423 Endo GIA Universal 45 - 4.8 Straight Green



This is what Covidien has to say about the Endo GIA 030423 Universal 45-4.8 Straight Green 030423, 4.5 cm linear length and 4.8 mm wide - Shaft Diameter 15mm These 4.8mm cartridges green should be used on tissue that can comfortably compress to 2.0mm 6 rows of staples.

Providing superior staple line security. The staple wire gauge used in "open staplers" is heavier and does not require the additional row of staples. Endoscopic staplers use thinner wire gauge and the additional row of staples ensures superior staple line security and hemostasis. 2.0 Cartridge for thin vascular tissue. The Endo GIA Universal places two, triple-staggered rows of titanium staples and simultaneously divides the tissue and preloaded reinforcement material between the two, triple-staggered rows.

The tissue reinforcement material is secured to the tissue as the staples are fired. Every cartridge comes with a new sterile knife blade. Using a new knife for Each firing ensures that it will never dull through repeated use and reduces the risk of cross contamination that exists when reusing the same knife blade For use with the GIA Universal, Endo GIA Universal Endo GIA Universal XL staplers


What is included in the Covidien Auto Suture 030423 Endo GIA Universal 45 - 4.8 Straight Green
Item Quantity
Covidien Auto Suture 030423 Endo GIA Universal 45 - 4.8 Straight Green - Each 1


Product Information
Product Name Covidien Auto Suture 030423 Endo GIA Universal 45 - 4.8 Straight Green
Manufacturer Covidien
Previous Mfg. Tyco
Mfg. Catalog # 030423
Specialty Bariatric
Mfg. Web Site Endo GIA
Link to Brochure Click Here to See Video
Mfg List Price 1350
SKU 030423-endo-gia
Pictures These pictures are for display purposes only
Staple Open Height 4.8 mm


Manufacturer Specifications
Reload Color Green
Quantity Box of 6 Staples
Tissue Compression 2.0mm
Angle Straight
Length 4.5 cm
Diameter 15mm
Rows 6 Rows of Staples
Expiration In Date


Condition New
Overall Condition In Date
Functionality Bariatrics


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 5 in

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